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Frequently Asked Questions

When you serve over 400,000 people per year, there are going to be a lot of questions that need to be answered in order to provide the best possible customer service and experience. We provide the most important information about our services and policies within pages on the websites, however some questions are also frequently asked. Please see the following answers to those questions.


Unanswered questions, contact Bike Rent NYC at: or

Do you provide locks?

We provide bicycle locks with bike rental, free of charge. Locks are provided on request. If you need a bike lock, please ask for a lock when you see the cashier at check-out. One lock may be provided for up to two people. Locks are provided as they are available. We rarely run out of locks however we do not guarantee a lock will be available at the exact time of your rental. You may wait until a lock becomes available by asking the Manager to place you on “lock-standby”. Your rental period will start when you receive your lock(s) and bike(s). You will not require a lock for bike tours as the bikes will not be left unattended during guided tours.

Where do I pick-up bicycles?


What is your refund policy?

All bike rental and bike tour purchases are final and there are no refunds. Store credit may be allowed for 1 year from original rental date, but only with managerial approval due to inclement weather or NYC emergency. For general questions call the specific shop during business hours (8am – 9pm). You may contact Bike Rent NYC management if you have further questions, or call (917) 283-2453 Monday – Friday, (9am – 6pm).

Do you provide helmets?

We provide bike helmets free of charge.

Do you sell bike insurance?

We sell bike insurance, covering 100% of damages, and 50% of loss in case of theft. Bike insurance costs $2 per bike, per rental period.

What happens if the bike breaks while riding?

We offers customers road-side repair with bike insurance for $2 per bike, per rental period; which includes limited road-side repair in Riverside Park ONLY. If your bike breaks while riding anywhere; you must call the specific shop from where you rented the bike for assistance and inform us that you may be delayed in returning the bikes. We may choose to stop your rental period at that time, allowing you more time to return the bicycles. Bike insurance for bike rental covers 100% of potential damage to bicycles caused by accidents, potholes and rough roads, and unanticipated wear and tear. If you have any issues or questions, please contact by email: or call (917) 283-2453 during business hours (M-F, 9-6).

Road-side assistance is available in Riverside Park ONLY, and on limited-basis, determined by availability of repair staff.

Road-side assistance is NOT available outside of Riverside Park.

Bike insurance is not required for bike tours, and a bike will be exchanged (inside the park) for the broken bike. If this is not possible for time or convenience, we will provide a credit for another tour – later that day or on the next day. This instance may delay the final return time of a bike tour group.

Learn more about bike insurance and road-side repair in Riverside Park.

Can I pick-up a bike in one store and drop-off in another?

Yes, with our DAY PASS ADD-ON!
Valid for all hourly or daily rental periods.

For an additional $5 per bike, you can pick-up bike(s) in any of our four (4) shop locations and return bike(s) to any other shop location at the end of that rental period. You will be required to leave a $100 cash or credit card security deposit per bike, which will be returned to you when you return the bike(s) to another location. If you would like to keep the bike(s) overnight, adult and children’s bikes may also be rented for 24 hours at a time and returned to another shop location the following day. Ask store cashier for further details.

Learn more about Bike Rent NYC monthly and annual bike membership network.

Do I need to leave a deposit to rent a bike?

No, you are not required at this time to leave a deposit to rent bike(s) unless you are returning the bike to a different location as part of our bike network membership program. You will be required to leave your own valid drivers license or state or country issued official ID in order to rent bikes. You may also leave a copy of your passport if you do not have an appropriate drivers license or ID. Any ID is returned and any copies of passport will be destroyed in your presence, when you return the bikes. If you wish to return the bikes to a different Bike Rent NYC location, you must make arrangements in advance with the purchase of a bike network membership daily pass for $5. You will also be required to leave a $100 cash or credit card security deposit per bike, which will be returned to you when you return the bike(s) to another location.

Do I need to make a reservation to rent bikes?

No, you do not need to call or request a reservation when you rent bikes and purchase online and through the normal process. All bikes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We have +3000 Trek and Giant hybrid comfort bikes at 4 locations in New York City. We have yet to run out of hybrid bikes but you may want to confirm availability for a tandem or road bike with a specific shop. If you have special requests or questions about specific bikes or accessories (road bikes, tandems, child seat’s, etc.) you may call the shop directly during business hours. You may also send an email to:

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